Tips on Pair Programming

  1. Remember to switch the driver role (the one who actually typing). Don’t own the keyboard for the whole day by yourself. Without switching, the pairing is only partially functioning.
  2. Take a break. Ideally, the pairing session happens 60–90 minutes.
  3. Be chatty. Explain before writing code. Talk about anything. Ask everything. The debate is fine to get deeper understanding but when coming to the conclusion, follow, even if you don’t 100% agree.
  4. Slower your pace. Avoid using the teleport shortcut key. Write slowly, talk slowly, and think slowly.
  5. Be yourself. No need to impress your pairing buddy except she/he is your crush.
  6. Share the credit by putting the pair partner name in the commit message. Github supports it using co-author feature.



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Iman Tung

Iman Tung

Technology to write, life to grateful. Overthinking is good, only if it has the output. Fundamental is the main concern.